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McDonald's China launches its first NFTs tokens

McDonald's China launches its first NFTs tokens

announced McDonald's China On Friday, announced the launch of the first symbols NFT of its own, to celebrate its thirtieth anniversary of its entry into the Chinese market.

This coincides with the official opening of the new headquarters building for McDonald's in a Shanghai, which inspired its creators to create an icon The Big Mac Cube NFT, And “It is a dynamic 3D digital creative work inspired by the ethos of the McDonald’s brand and the shape of the new headquarters building.”

It will be symbols NFTs The 188 Available to employees, VIP clients and as limited-edition gifts.

Fast Food Chains and NFTs Tokens

CEO expressed McDonald's China, Zhang Jiaying, was pleased that McDonald's It was the first local restaurant brand to launch the . icon NFT:

McDonald's It is a sophisticated and modern brand that always pays attention to the trends of fashion and modern technology.”

Close McDonald's One of the fast food chains that has recently been involved in the symbols of NFTs, where other companies such as Tako Bill Taco Bell، And Burger King, And Budweiser Previously, symbols NFTs Her own.

are making McDonald's In an effort to adapt to the ever-evolving digital world, just last month, it became the first major fast food restaurant in the world to accept Bitcoin As a payment option, after the adoption of El Salvador's currency Bitcoin, as legal currency.

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