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Where to order ads on YouTube from popular bloggers

Influencer advertising is the most popular and effective promotion method. They can sell whatever their heart desires. There are no difficulties in the method itself: you are looking for a youtube blogger, you solve the issue of paying for advertising with him. and is it ready But no! This tactic is unlikely to work. Tired of throwing money away? Do you want cheap advertising, a rational approach and a well-established relationship between blogger and advertiser? Then contact the agency Perfluence.

Advertising agency Perfluence is always aware of the activities of bloggers and opinion leaders. It is an effective agency that has real numbers and projects, has well-established work charts for advertisers in various niches, and also has a huge list of bloggers selling to various target audiences.

Anyone can place an ad order in the agency, as the platform works not only in the capital, but anywhere in the world. Our agency abroad is called DRIM (Direct Response Influence Marketing). We are committed to growing the influencer marketing market anywhere in the world

What can Perfluence offer brands?

When an advertiser chooses a “must-have” blogger himself, he is taking a risk. After all, if there is no clear and well-formed plan for brand promotion, then it is unlikely that there will be good results. Perfluence searches and attracts bloggers for advertising manually, with the help of a large number of managers.
When choosing a blogger and working with him, the main thing is not quantity, but quality. Placing expensive ads from top millionaire bloggers is no longer relevant. Subscribers are clearly segmented audiences interested in a single topic. Therefore, micro-influencers are more effective in this regard and it is much cheaper to buy advertising from them.

And your guarantee is the 100% genius of Perfluence – CPA. It’s a dedicated two-in-one tool consisting of a performance counter and a “lie detector” for thoughtful influence. You buy advertising but pay the blogger only if you get results.

What can Perfluence offer bloggers?

Blogger is already a full-fledged profession. However, most aspiring influencers don’t fully appreciate their importance in the world of performance marketing. However, the lion’s share of the market belongs to microbloggers – they are more trusted. Perfluence empowers every blogger because there is a project for every blogger. Free agency exchange facilitates cooperation with world famous brands. All you have to do is apply for the project. Monetization is possible even for a small account. The main condition is a live and active audience.

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