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Stankoglou: Just because you like women doesn't mean you can't get along with a friend.

Giannis Stankoglou with helmet

Giannis Stankoglou spoke in an interview about sexuality in each era and his personal experiences.

Speaking to Down Town, Giannis Stankoglou discussed his teenage years and the relationship between the two friends.

“We are far behind Western Europe. And it is also to blame that the regimes that have passed all these years, to put it in a very simple sentence, were for p @@@@ o. With client logic, without having the courage to change society. Growing up, I get even angrier why I have two children I want to be freeDon’t be afraid to express what you really want to be. And the new generations will achieve it, I already see that. For example, there are now in English many descriptions and terminology in relation to the friend “ Giannis Stankoglou said.

Stankoglou: We also chat with 13-14 year olds

We can say, a boy wants us to call him “Juan”, to use the feminine when we address him. The thing goes that way and he finds me very much in agreement. What the little ones are doing now, looking for their way, my generation did the same, don’t think that nothing has changed. We are more open now. We also chat with 13-14 year olds. It’s natural. We were flirting, my daughter, there was a natural eroticism.

Have you ever considered in your adolescence if you are gay? the journalist asks Giannis Stankoglou. “I understood that I really like women, but that doesn’t mean that because you like women you can’t get very close to a friend at this age. And now it can happen. You may not have sex, but you can kiss him on the mouth, hug him and cry about how you feel about him. Slowly!”

source: iefi merida

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