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ACI Foundation Scholarships 2024


ACI Foundation Scholarships 2023-24

Exploring ACI Foundation Scholarships 2023-2024

Are you a graduate or undergraduate student passionate about the world of concrete? Are you seeking financial support to further your studies in this field? Look no further than the ACI Foundation Scholarships. Designed to support students with a keen interest in concrete-related studies, these scholarships open doors to exciting opportunities in academia and industry. Let's delve deeper into what these scholarships offer and how you can apply.

Graduate Scholarships

  1. ACI Foundation Scholarship: This scholarship, funded through generous contributions by members of ACI, supports graduate students pursuing studies related to concrete.

  2. Bertold E. Weinberg Scholarship: Honoring Mr. Weinberg's service in managing the Scholarship Program, this award assists full-time graduate students in the field of concrete.

  3. Katharine & Bryant Mather Scholarship: Established to honor the Mathers' contributions, this scholarship supports graduate study in concrete.

  4. Master Builders Solutions Concrete Materials Scholarship: For graduate students focusing on material science in the concrete industry, with preference given to those studying admixtures.

  5. Nick Bada – ACI Ontario Chapter Graduate Scholarship: Open to Ontario-based graduate students pursuing concrete research or construction studies.

  6. Schwing America Scholarship: Sponsored by Schwing America, Inc., this scholarship supports students with a strong interest in the concrete construction industry.

  7. Stewart C. Watson Memorial Scholarship: Awarded to graduate students with a focus on joints, bearings, or seismic systems for concrete structures.

  8. W. Gene Corley Memorial Scholarship: Aimed at graduate students interested in forensic engineering and the behavior and design of concrete structures.

Undergraduate Scholarships

  1. Bernard Erlin Memorial Scholarship: Providing tuition assistance to deserving undergraduate or graduate students in concrete materials-related degree programs.

  2. 201 Undergraduate Concrete Durability Scholarship: Awarded to undergraduates demonstrating interest in concrete durability studies.

  3. Richard D. Stehly Memorial Scholarship: Supports undergraduates in concrete-related degree programs, with a focus on sustainability efforts.

  4. Roger S. Johnston Memorial Scholarship: Available to undergraduates in civil engineering or construction management programs, with a preference for those interested in concrete structural design or construction.

Fellowship & Scholarship Submission Requirements

To apply for these scholarships, applicants must provide:

  1. Contact and educational information
  2. Resume
  3. A 500-word essay detailing their interest in a long-term career in the concrete industry and past, present, and future activities related to concrete
  4. Official transcripts from all undergraduate and graduate programs attended
  5. Two endorsements, with one from an ACI member and another from an employer or professor

How to Apply

Applications for ACI Foundation Scholarships typically open on July 1st. To apply, ensure you meet the eligibility criteria and gather all required documents. Submit your application online, following the guidelines provided on the ACI Foundation website.


The ACI Foundation Scholarships offer invaluable support to students passionate about advancing the field of concrete. Whether you're pursuing graduate or undergraduate studies, there's a scholarship tailored to your interests and aspirations. Seize this opportunity to fuel your academic journey and make meaningful contributions to the concrete industry. Apply today and embark on a path towards a rewarding future in concrete research, design, or construction.

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